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WooCommerce – How to show savings in an onsale product instead of “sale”?

If you have your product on sale, sometimes you’d like to show the savings from that sale instead of just the sale badge. The following code snippet would allow you to do just that.

Please note that in variable product, it tries to show the maximum savings possible. So it is advised to add “upto” in the sale badge.

Default WooCommerce just shows the sale badge like above.
Now you can show the savings instead of just the sale badge.

The custom code is given below. Please paste the code below in your child theme’s functions.php, please make sure to copy from line 2 only.

Custom code to show savings instead of sale. You can pass ‘amount’ or ‘percentage’ on line 86. Please copy from line 2 only.
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WooCommerce – Remove h2 tag from product title

In product loop pages like shop and category pages, the product title is displayed within h2 tags. You can use this code snippet to change the h2 tag to a span tag. You can also modify the code to use any other tag instead of the span tag.

Since WooCommerce does not have a filter for the function that displays the WooCommerce loop product title, we’ll be overriding the core function itself. woocommerce_template_loop_product_title is the WooCommerce’s core function and we are overriding it like below:

Please paste the above code in your theme’s functions.php to remove the h2 tag from product title. Copy from line 2 only.